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Greene County 911 Addressing

For New Addresses:

  • You must have a copy of a land deed/purchase agreement in order to establish a new address.

  • If you are requesting an address on property belonging to another person, you will need to provide a signed letter from the property owner giving permission to address that piece of property for you. The letter should include the contact information for the property owner.

  • An established driveway will need to be in place prior to the address request.

  • A description of the building to be placed on the property should be provided, if known.

For Existing Addresses:

Please provide the following

  • A copy of a land deed / purchase agreement must be provided or

  • A copy of a rental agreement if renting the residence

  • A description of the residence

All addresses are to be displayed on both sides of the display mechanism in large, bold lettering at the beginning of the driveway. This will ensure that emergency personnel can see the address from either direction. Failure to display the address properly may result in delayed emergency response and the loss of valuable time.

If you are having issues with your address, please contact 911 addressing immediately for further assistance.


Pam Anderson

401 McInnis Avenue

Leakesville, MS  39451

(601) 394-5627 - Office

(601) 422-9907 - Cell

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