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David Tingle

Supervisor District 5

David TIngle, Supervisor District 5
Map of DIstrict 5 within Greene County MS

County governments were originally created by each state to give citizens greater access to government services. Because it was so difficult to travel in previous centuries, citizens could not reasonably be expected to come to the state capital every time they needed to conduct official business.


As a result, the states created counties, and the governor appointed justices of the peace to oversee each county and carry out the mandated policies and services of state government.

Today, citizens still elect the Supervisors, sheriff, chancery and circuit clerks, although the court system is now a function of state government. Counties remain an arm of state government and carry out the many services that are mandated by the state and federal governments. Counties exist to help enhance the lives of their citizens. County governments do this by providing needed services, such as public and mental healthcare, schools, libraries and support to senior citizens and children in need. Counties establish important local laws (ordinances) and enforce laws that protect citizens from harmful behavior. They also encourage citizens and businesses to get involved in their communities.

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